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Hoboken St. Patrick's
Celebration 2015

Hoboken St. Patrick's Celebration 2015 Bar Guide - Update 3/5/2015 - 12:00pm
Let’s invite our friends and family to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and show everyone what a great place Hoboken is! Shop, Dine & Drink in Hoboken to support local businesses! Please remember to be respectful of everyone and their property. If you drink, please drink responsibly!

So just like the last 29 first Saturdays of March thousands will descend upon Hoboken on Saturday, March 7th 2015 to celebrate all things Irish. Hoboken-bar.net has provided the following bar guide to help you celebrate the day. As in year's past, the City will be enforcing a zero tolerance for open beverage, public intoxication, public decency, and "House Parties". These tickets could carried fines up to $2000 for each offense. We ask all that participate in the celebration do so responsibly.  Be aware that even with an advertised "Wristbands", "Tickets", "T-Shirt" or etc, does NOT guarantee you entry into your bar of choice. Bars will fill to occupancy quickly and stay that way for the rest of the day. Why stand in line, Hoboken has over 80 bars to choose from! Have Fun!
Hoboken-bar.net's St. Patrick's Celebration Bar Guide

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